My sleeping angels

Well, she is doing it again! The Pioneer Woman has another photography assignment, this one on brothers.

I was going through my pictures, trying to find one that I really liked, to submit. I had submitted one, but wasn’t sure about it. Then, I found this one.

I took this picture on our first house hunting trip in Arkansas. That would have been in November 2007. My boys were 8 and 5 at the time. And, at this point, they were still willing to share a bed in a hotel room. They fell asleep, both wearing a white t-shirt.

My oldest is holding his special bear. He was given this bear by his daycare provider before he had surgery to have tubes put in his ears. He loves this bear and it is still in his room. Just tucked away.

When did they grow up?

They don’t really want to have anything to do with each other. And Heaven forbid we make them share a bed when we travel.

But I know that they love each other. Somewhere down deep inside their souls, I know.

Way down deep.

Way down, down deep.



About Jamie

I am the mom of 3 beautiful children and one fabulous husband. I have 2 boys and 1 very spoiled little girl. What is even more spectacular, I get to stay home and take care of these great people!! Life is pretty darn good and I am truly blessed!
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