Cleanup day

I came home from church on Wednesday and decided I had had enough. No, there are no pictures of the amount of junk that has accumulated in my household. I would be entirely too embarrassed to post that. No, I terrorized all the members of my household until they started picking up their junk. The ChemE was probably more terrified than any, after all…he has to sleep in the same room as me. He kept eyeing the cast iron skillet for some reason. *shrugs* Eh…

So today, The ChemE and the oldest are out deer hunting. Looking for that elusive 40 point buck. (Yeah, there is a back story, and maybe one day I’ll share it, but not right now.) I decided that I would clean the house. My in-laws are coming…no, that really isn’t an viable excuse. They have seen my house in worse shape than it is now.

Christmas is coming!!! That one is better. I have several trees to put out and really need to……

I do have several trees to put out, but I can clean around them…

I am just plain sick and tired of the junk. That is it. Just sick and tired of it.


About Jamie

I am the mom of 3 beautiful children and one fabulous husband. I have 2 boys and 1 very spoiled little girl. What is even more spectacular, I get to stay home and take care of these great people!! Life is pretty darn good and I am truly blessed!
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