Lost and found

I found one of my sweet nephews on Facebook. I am so excited. I haven’t seen him since he was a little, little boy. He is 23 and in college at Texas A&M. He is in the Army and for him to have made that decision behind his parents’ back, I am shocked, but proud. Both his mom and dad were in the Air Force. His mom is my sister. She left home when I was 6. To her, I will always be 6. And she treats me accordingly. There is a lot of history between us, between her and my mom, and my dad.

To my eyes, she was always Daddy’s favorite child. She is older than me by 10 years. Daddy would drop everything when she called and go help her. Not that I really minded that much…sometimes I got to go, too. But as I got older, it bothered me that he would do that, knowing how much she disliked Mama. Yep…she dislikes Mama. I am not going to go into a lot of detail, but she has it in her mind Mama is Satan and her children need to stay away from her. Unfortunately, she in doing that, destroyed any and all relationships Mama would have with her grandchildren. She thinks that Mama is crazy and will kill everyone in their sleep. *sigh* Actually, Mama is probably the most sane one of all of us.

Some things were said a few years ago, and Daddy began to realize why Mama avoided my sister. I hated that for him….and then Mama told him how we all felt about Roxanne. He was stunned. He actually called me and apologized and we discussed her behavior and I told him that we had all seen this for years and that it broke my heart she finally showed him. He understood.

Back to my nephew. He joined the Army because he is a smart kid. He loves strategy. He loves planning. He loves his mom and dad, but I think he was under her thumb so much as a child…he needed out. He will be in the reserves as long as he his in school. He will go to active duty when he graduates. Yes, he may go to Afghanistan, Iraq..wherever the Army needs him. I couldn’t be more proud…and more terrified.

I hope he accepts my friend request and I can get to know him better. I hope he hasn’t been poisoned by his mother to the point he doesn’t want contact with me.

I hope…..


About Jamie

I am the mom of 3 beautiful children and one fabulous husband. I have 2 boys and 1 very spoiled little girl. What is even more spectacular, I get to stay home and take care of these great people!! Life is pretty darn good and I am truly blessed!
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