Wal*Mart and Me

Moving to Southeast Arkansas has been tough. I left a lot of great friends, great shopping, and convience. Convience. How wonderful it was to be able to go to my choice of grocery stores and get exactly what I needed for a particular recipe. To find that one brand of pickles I love so much…Wickles. To be able to have my choice of cheeses in the deli cases for what ever Italian recipe I wanted to create that week. To be able to go to the deli and get a pound of prochuttio for some obscure recipe.

Not so here in Southeast Arkansas. I went to Wal*Mart last night for groceries. I have a choice, you see…of Wal*Mart or Piggly Wiggly. One is convient when you need to get your oil changed, buy birthday presents for your kids, clothes for you, and groceries for your family…the other when you want to pay 2x’s as much for food as you would at Wal*Mart.

After writing out my list and dropping my oldest off at karate…I headed to that place of convience. I grabbed a cart when I got in, got my list out and headed to produce section. No fresh limes. Well, actually….there were limes, but they were the size of a quarter. Not what I was looking for. I guess I will deal with bottled lime juice. Head to dry goods next…no pullups in Prissy’s size. Hmmm…will have to go over to the baby department to find those. Find other things I was looking for in dry goods…so I head over to the dairy section. Get 2 gallons of milk, some heavy cream, butter, and start looking for blue cheese. I wanted to make hamburgers and put the blue cheese in them. I see feta cheese, parmesean cheese, and regular cheese…but no blue.

So, at this point, many are probably thinking…head to the deli to find it. Yeah…great idea. Except we have no deli. I asked the woman putting out stuff in the dairy section if they carry blue cheese and she gives me the strangest look. I begin to wonder if I have suddenly sprouted an additional head on my shoulders when she says…”We don’t carry none that blue cheese. Maybe when we get a deli we might, don’t know fo’shure….but we ain’t got that blue cheese stuff here.”

*sigh* okay. Great. Thanks for your help.

So, I finish getting what is on my list. Well, with the exception of the andoullie sausage I wanted to make chicken gumbo. Yeah…I can get polish sausage, I can get beef sausage, I can get sausage with all different types of cheeses in it…but I can’t get andoullie sausage??? We are 2 hours from the Louisiana border and I can’t get real Cajun sausage??? What the heck is wrong here?

I head to the checkout to pay for my groceries. I did find the right size pullups over in the children’s section. I have 15 minutes before I have to pick my oldest up from karate. And all the lines are long. So, I get in one that appears to be moving pretty fast. That is, until the girl with the cart ahead of me starts unloading her groceries. She just piles everything on there…not taking the time to sort it out so that the checker knows what should go in what bag…no. Let’s not be a little bit organized.

*Let me insert here that my OCD will not allow me to put things where ever on a checkout belt. I have to have all the frozen/cold foods together, all the produce together, boxes together, cans together, non-food items together, etc. So, that woman ahead of me nearly killed me.*

The checker finally gets through with her and I already had all my stuff loaded on the belt…very well organized. She starts checking my groceries and comments on my container of heavy whipping cream. “So and so made butter out of whipping cream, using her mixer.” Me: “really, interesting.” Checker:” Yep….” and she proceeds to tell me all about it. I am steadily checking my watch….5 minutes to go….2 minutes to go….dang…I’m late.

I looked at her and told her I was in a hurry and could she please speed up a little. She did. I paid, ran out with my cart full of bags and threw them in the back of the van. Cursing that place for all it is worth.

But, I will go back. I have no other viable choice to grocery shop. And, I will be making a trip to a larger Wal*Mart an hour away from here to find the things I can’t find here.

Yep….it is really going to take some adjusting to living in Southeast Arkansas.


About Jamie

I am the mom of 3 beautiful children and one fabulous husband. I have 2 boys and 1 very spoiled little girl. What is even more spectacular, I get to stay home and take care of these great people!! Life is pretty darn good and I am truly blessed!
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One Response to Wal*Mart and Me

  1. Cyndi Bohan says:

    LOL I try to organize my groceries on the belt too. I hear you too……we have either Walmart or Giant Eagle (the expensive one) *sigh*

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