I freaking hate tball. Why? Parents who think their kids are all stars. There are several kids who suck. But, they are having a great time. That, to me, is what it is all about. Not so the parents. One of those has a Mama who thinks she knows what is best. Every game, she comes out on the field and “coaches” her son before the game during warm-up. Tonight, she made this comment, “I am going to talk to that coach and tell him to start rotating my son because he is always in the outfield. That is not fair, he rotated other kids. He needs to start letting other kids have a turn playing on base.” Okay, Hunny….your kid sucks big time. He can’t catch a ball to save his life and speaking of life, it is too damn short to be bitching about your kid not playing what you think is the best spot for him. Not too mention, not everyone is going to get to play every position…there are only 10 fetching games to be played. We have 14 kids…do the math. I went and told Hubs what she said….he was not happy she was bitching to other parents about it. He rotated them and sure enough…her kid played in the dirt. Oh..wait…he told the kid to go to second base and she freaking yelled out….”YOU HAVE TO TELL HIM WHERE IT IS. HE DOESN’T KNOW BECAUSE NO ONE EVER TOLD HIM.” You have got to be kidding me?! He knew where 2nd base was. He went right to it and immediately started playing in the dirt. Your kid ain’t no all star, hun.

I can see that my child is not the greatest. He has a hard time hitting the ball off the Tee. He has a hard time catching the ball. But by God…he is having a blast out there! That is what it is all about. I felt that way when my oldest played. Hubs was a coach S’s last year of t-ball. But, S was not great…but he had a great time. We never complained because he stayed in the outfield. We never complained when the coaches didn’t spend the entire practice working with him.

T-ball is all about little boys and girls digging in the dirt with their gloves and chasing butterflies. And picking flowers for their moms. Oh…and dare I forget…it is about like herding cats.


About Jamie

I am the mom of 3 beautiful children and one fabulous husband. I have 2 boys and 1 very spoiled little girl. What is even more spectacular, I get to stay home and take care of these great people!! Life is pretty darn good and I am truly blessed!
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2 Responses to TBall

  1. Monica says:

    I agree…it’s all about having fun.

  2. Cyndi Bohan says:

    I had a hard time when Colby was in baseball for this reason…the competitive coach and parents needed to shut their traps! Let the kids have fun for fetch sake!

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